The legal definition of “domestic violence” includes not only abuse between spouses and intimate partners but also abuse between family members who live together. A vast majority of domestic violence (DV) cases include individuals who are either married, living together, seeing each other, or people who used to live together.

Domestic violence in all forms is taken very seriously, due to its devastating impact on the vulnerable, including those exposed to it. The types of charges and the severity of the penalties depend on each case’s unique circumstances and facts. While the legal repercussions of being found guilty of domestic abuse may seem like they can’t get any worse, the truth is that they can have a detrimental impact on your future in many ways. For instance:

  • Your personal reputation. The mere allegation of domestic violence can be enough to damage your reputation —let alone a domestic violence conviction. The damage to your reputation may very well be irreparable and lasting. Having an experienced criminal defense team on your side sets your mind at ease and puts you in a stronger position for an improved outcome.


  • Your relationships. If you are accused of domestic violence, you may find your inner circle of family and friends alienating and thinking differently of you. They may view you as dangerous or a bad influence. Thus, making it very challenging to form and maintain healthy relationships.


  • Custody arrangements. Judges involved in determining custody and visitation arrangements have a keen interest in ensuring their decisions are best for the child or children involved. A judge may find you unfit or undeserving of custody if you have a domestic violence charge. After all, no one wants victims and children exposed to potential violence at home.


  • Your professional career. A domestic violence conviction on your record could undermine your career pathway. A prospective employer could run criminal background checks and may reject your application on that basis.


  • Firearm ban. Massachusetts law restricts firearms possession by individuals convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. The state has an interest in preventing firearms from falling into the hands of those individuals who have been convicted of violent crimes, even though many may view this as an infringement on a fundamental right.


There are many situations where someone can be wrongly accused of domestic violence. The severe implications of a domestic violence charge make it paramount that you must hire a skilled Massachusetts criminal defense attorney to represent you.

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